Beautify Your Lawn With Our Quality Landscaping Supplies

Welcome to Owen County Mulch! Based in Spencer, IN, we are your trusted supplier of gardening tools and landscaping supplies.

We specializing in manufacturing mulch, and we have been offering an assortment of landscape materials since 2012. These include flagstone, sandstone, and concrete ornaments.

Owen County Mulch

Premium Quality Mulch

Mulching offers many benefits. It retains moisture in the soil, helps prevent weed growth, and protects plants from extreme temperatures. In addition, applying a layer of mulch can control soil erosion caused by rainwater runoff and strong winds.

Reap the benefits of mulch with products from Owen County Mulch. We manufacture and supply various types of mulch to customers all over Indiana. From natural to dyed mulch, we have you covered.

What We Do

Our team treats landscaping as a form of art. With the right design and tools, your lawn or yard can be beautiful, elegant, timeless, and expressive. Your outdoor space can be a place where you can relax while basking in the beauty of your surroundings.

We aim to help our customers have the lawn or yard of their dreams by supplying superior landscaping products and equipment. You can rely on us for the tools you need to transform your outdoor space into your personal oasis.